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Casino gaming has made a huge impact on the internet - but now it's the turn of Bingo to get the worldwide attention. The growth of web bingo is being powered by the game's new streetwise credibility - even pop icon Robbie William admits to logging on for a session, so you know bingo is becoming seriously cool!

In fact, is starting to become so popular that it could one day overtake the traditional land-based version of the game. In 2006, the online bingo market was worth somewhere in the region of 80 billion dollars, compared to 40 million online. However, because there are less than 100 credible online bingo websites, web bingo is predicted to explode as more and more sites come online.

Why play bingo online?

There are an array of reasons to ditch the traditional bingo hall and head for the comfort of the online bingo portals:

Instant play - unlike the offline world, the virtual bingo hall never closes and is available 24/7, meaning you can play before work, at work (in a break of course!) or snuggle up for a cosy evening when you're at home. The flexibility of web bingo is illustrated by the fact that nearly 40% of gamers log-on to play on a daily basis.

Social networking - bingo bosses have been really clever and make web bingo into a game that's big on friends! Once you sign-up you're free to chat make bingo buddies, and you'll soon look forward to logging-in for a natter with your new chums. In-game chat takes things to another level, instantly boosting the fun of trying to win.

Free bonuses - Web bingo is big on bonus features, from free no-deposit sign-up credits, to daily forum bonus games and monthly prize draws.

Budget bingo - Online bingo games are the web's most economic gaming option, with card values from as little as 5 pence. With 6 games per hour typically available, that means your can game for 60 minutes for just 30 pence! Thanks to three basic payout levels (1-line, 2-line, Full House) web bingo can literally be enjoyed with your spare change.

Cool online gaming features - Web bingo looks fantastic, thanks to cutting edge graphics and games packed with fun themes and fast action. In addition, in-game functions such as auto-daub can let the computer take control of your bingo session, so you can concentrate on chatting away without marking your card (lazy!).

Trial run online bingo and take advantage of the free credits widely available at many of the leading bingo websites.

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